All levels of courses available from novice through to familiarisation.

Remote Controlled
Slinging and Signaller Training



Identifying the components and the basic construction, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.

Identifying and complying with the manufacturer’s instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook.Overhead Crane Training at Wigan Training Centre

Establishing SWLA’s.

Identifying lifting accessories and their uses.

Explaining all the relevant documentation and the displayed information on the machine.

Explaining the use of attachments.

Explaining the hand signals and their uses.

Carrying out pre-start and running checks.

Carrying out pre-use checks of the lifting accessories/attachments, and identifying the rejection criteria.

Operating of the controls.  Manoeuvring the crane in limited access and positioning the crane up to maximum working height.

Keeping within safe working parameters.

Placing the machine in an out-of-service condition.

Explaining the loading and the unloading procedures.



One day or longer, depending on company bespoke courses.


Maximum Number

1- 6 Candidates