People Skills


Alcohol and Drug Awareness



Course Duration:


0.5 day 


 Course designed to:


Raise awareness of alcohol and drugs; and alcohol and drug related issues. To make people aware of the systems they can access for help and support. To help reduce the harm caused by the misuse of drugs and alcohol,


No of delegates:


8 maximum 


Course Aim:


On completion of the course, people will: 


Course content:

  • Have an awareness of types of alcohol and drugs used 
  • Identify signs and symptoms and equipment used 
  • Have an awareness of the effects and consequences of taking alcohol and drugs 
  • Understand why an employer should act 
  • Have knowledge of the support available 
  • Be able to access a range of resources to deal with alcohol and drug misuse 
  • Understand why disciplinary action may be taken 
  • Have an awareness of the legal implications 


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