Train the Trainer 

 2 days 

Creating and delivering your own in-house training is a cost effective way of providing information, skills and knowledge to your employees. 

You can use your existing employees to develop and deliver training which makes direct references to your policies, procedures and processes. It offers a great way use those individuals with specialisms to share their best practices with colleagues. 

This session is completely generic; the principles and guidance provided relate to the development of any type of training in any subject and covers both skills-based and knowledge-based content.  

This session will show you how to: 

  • Clearly define meaningful training objectives  
  • Plan and design engaging training sessions  
  • Incorporate different methods of training delivery to appeal to and engage with a wider range of learners  
  • Utilise the ways in which people learn to maximise their involvement  
  • Keep a group of learners interested and motivated  
  • Effectively assess learners by developing your own assessment tools  
  • Ensure that the training objectives you define are successfully met  

The target audience for this session are individuals who are looking to develop and deliver their own training programmes. It is useful for people who have not undertaken formal training in this area and are looking to improve their skills or those who have not delivered training for some time and are looking to refresh their knowledge.